class BbFlip : Flip the bounding boxes.

class BBoxPaste : Transform bounding boxes to match the Paste operator.

class Brightness : Adjust the brightness of image.

class BrightnessContrast : Adjust the brightness and contrast of image.

class Cast : Cast the data type of input.

class CoinFlip : Sample values from a bernoulli distribution.

class ColorSpaceConversion : Convert the color space of image.

class ColorTwist : Adjust the hue, saturation and brightness of image.

class Contrast : Adjust the contrast of image.

class CropMirrorNormalize : Crop and normalize image with the horizontal flip.

class Erase : Erase regions from the input.

class ExternalSource : Create a placeholder providing data from feeding.

class GaussianBlur : Apply gaussian blur to image.

class Hsv : Adjust the hue and saturation of image.

class ImageDecoder : Decode image from bytes.

class ImageDecoderRandomCrop : Decode image and return a random crop.

class Normalize : Normalize input.

class Pad : Pad input to have the same dimensions.

class Paste : Copy image into a larger canvas.

class RandomBBoxCrop : Return an valid image crop restricted by bounding boxes.

class RandomResizedCrop : Return a resized random crop of image.

class Reshape : Change the dimensions of input.

class Resize : Resize the image.

class Rotate : Rotate the image.

class Slice : Select an interval of elements from input.

class KPLRecordReader : Read examples from the kpl-record file.

class TFRecordReader : Read examples from the tf-record file.

class Uniform : Sample values from an uniform distribution.

class WarpAffine : Apply an affine transformation to the image.